About Us

Welcome to FASTLANE Business

Who Are We

We are a small business digital & social media marketing specialist organisation 

Our Mission

Our sole mission is helping YOU get YOUR business noticed online & engaging with current & future customers

What We Do

We will formulate a digital marketing strategy including branding, website design & hosting & social media management 

Our history

Based in Melbourne’s booming growth corridor of Caroline Springs, FASTLANE Business is founded with a sole purpose, helping YOU grow YOUR business.

Having assisted friends in getting businesses seen online, FASTLANE Business founder Les Lane realised that most small businesses today aren’t utilising the power of the Internet, search engines and social media to maximise their business success.

Whether you’re a business just starting out, or an established business looking to grow or change directions, FASTLANE Business will put you in the FASTLANE to success.

Our 6-D process



We’ll work closely with you to Discover all about your business & what you want to achieve.



We will Define a clear scope of work & target our partnership with you will work towards achieving.



We will work closely with you to Design the best solution for your individual business case.



We will keep you updated as we Develop the agreed solution for your business.



We Deploy a solution only when everyone is satisfied all aspects of Design have been met & that deployment will have a positive effect on your business.



As we Deliver your project we will ensure outcomes are measured & reported. We’re here to partner for the long term. Your success is our success.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Call us today to discuss how we can move your business into the FASTLANE!