Why a Mobile Website is a Must Have in 2019

Mobile devices have transformed how we live, information is now available to us 24 hours a day wherever we are. No longer do we need to sit in front of a computer screen at a desk to access the internet.

Having an intuitive, easy to use & responsive website that is designed to be optimised across all devices will keep you ahead of your competitors.

So What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is a website built to be responsive to the type of device your user is engaging with your website from. It’s design will be fluid in nature, allowing the best user-experience for the type of device being used. 

Why is a Mobile Website Important?

In most industries mobile traffic has overtaken desktop traffic & more people solely browse the internet on mobile & tablet devices.  Because of this trend search engines such as Google have started putting in place initiatives to improve mobile web experiences and are rewarding businesses which have mobile friendly sites with higher search rankings, meaning your customers will find you easier

What should I Consider when Building a Mobile Site?

No two businesses are the same, and each business will have unique needs. FASTLANE Business Services will work with you to understand your customers & business. We will undertake a deep assessment of your requirements before advocating for the development of a website underlined by the following principles:


A responsive website adapts to each user’s device screen size, no matter whether it’s a mobile, tablet or desktop.  It will deliver a great experience across all devices & is more time & cost effective than building a seperate mobile site.  


As today many users only access the internet from a smartphone, a mobile site can no longer afford to be a stripped-down version of your desktop site. It needs to offer a similar experience & information as desktop websites.


FASTLANE Business Services conduct deep analysis to determine your customer needs & how they expect to engage with your business. If a user doesn’t enjoy their experience on your website, they’ll leave it. Having an understanding of your users ensures we deliver an experience aligned with their expectations. 


Fast website loading times are no longer a competitive advantage, they’re a must!  Users will simply leave a site that’s slow to load, and today load times are a consideration in Search Engine ranking algorithms. A slow loading site will harm your visibility in Google Search Results.

Why Should FASTLANE Business Services Build Your Mobile Website?

FASTLANE Business Services doesn’t provide cookie cutter solutions.  As part of our bespoke service we conduct a requirements analysis, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of your business, your customers and your goals for the website.  We will recommend a customised solution that will meet both your business objectives and your customer’s needs. 

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